AudioTracker HD App Reviews

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Really cool app with a suggestion for future version

I love the interface you have created for bookmarking points in songs and pieces. As a classical conservatory student, in a future update, it would be awesome if you implemented bookmark lists with random play and a check-off system so that somebody can use this app as a study tool for memorizing points in the music and also use the notes to keep track of what is going on at any point musically.

Does what it says

The program does exactly what it claims to do. It allows you to "bookmark" into existing audio files. This could be useful for live recordings of concerts where you'd like to note where a song starts and ends, or particular topics of a recorded meetings. I was a little bit leery of the "rotate your finger around the dial" interface, but I now admit that it works pretty nicely and has advantages over a simple timeline, especially for long recordings. When you "just miss" the start of a particular section you wish to bookmark, a simple flick of your finger brings you back a few seconds. This would be more useful to me if it could be use to bookmark videos the same way it does audio files, but as I said in the title: it does what it says, and it does it nicely, hence my rating. No advertisements (yet!), no distractions, and pretty useful.

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